Be Acquainted with ACHCAR SS


We are presently living through times were people who better succeed are prone to search for more historical mean and identity. 

Within this context the automobile under its known vintage designs, became the motivation for great meetings and classic car shows especially for successful people.

At this level of activity of successful people one may find strong correlation with collectors of valued goods such as paintings that businesses such as Sotheby and other world famous auctioneers endorse, and automobile versions known as Retro.

 A Retro version of an automobile sometimes is referred to as Classic or Imperial, both versions of a successful car design, the Imperial designation being more important to a pre war production.

Within this activity Retrofit car construction must retain the services of an expert car builder and a related background. It is not satisfactory just to be served by a well known car restoration business.

Within the automobile retrofitting context one must display proven historical activity in the car construction field including the ability to flawlessly adapt several well known important concepts such as:

• Improvements in safety. 

• Compliance with international traffic and safety rules and standards. 

• Replacement of older type components with current equivalents which are aesthetically, structurally, or functionally superior. 

Structurally speaking, when retrofitting a car one should primarily aim to preserve the inspiring vision of the original constructor and at the same time adjust the automobile to current capabilities.